Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing~ EMDR Training

EMDR Basic Training Part 1 & 2

Spring Session(attend all 8 days for certificate of training):

March 11 & 12 April 8 & 9 May 12 & 13 June 10 & 11

Fall Session Part: September 16 & 17 October 14 & 15 November 11 & 12 December 9 & 10

Training will be 8:30am to 5:30pm Affiliated Wellness Group Glendale Clinic Barnabas Building-Lexington Entrance 4650 North Port Washington Road Milwaukee, WI 53212

Participants must attend all 4 modules. EMDRIA required 10 hours of consultation will be included in the cost and provided in the training.

Cost: $1895

Discounted rate for Military Veterans, Active Duty Veterans, nonprofit agencies and students $1795

Already trained in EMDR? Review the training and strengthen your understanding of EMDR. Deepen your skills and obtain updated research. Must show proof of Professional Licensure and EMDR training certificate. Discount of $1000

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic method for healing trauma-based problems and bringing unfinished issues to a completion. This healing modality based in neuroscience, combines mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and somatic practices into one treatment modality. EMDR treats symptoms such as: emotional, sexual & physical abuse, accidents, surgery, and the emotional traumas of grief & loss. EMDR transforms the impact of childhood abuse & neglect. As EMDR is utilized to transform early conditioning, it releases coping patterns held in the mind & body. EMDR allows one to open to authentic genuineness, living ones purpose, & creates spiritual transformation. Through lecture, hands-on practice, and demonstrations, participants will learn protocols and procedures for using EMDR with a wide range of diagnostic categories.

Objectives Upon Completion of EMDR Training:

Learn EMDR standard protocol and procedure.

Learn to use and implement modified EMDR protocols.

Learn how to assess thoroughly for attachment, dissociation and EMDR readiness.

Learn techniques called resourcing, ego strengthening , and other techniques to prepare for EMDR.

Learn the impact of attachment and dissociation on affect regulation.

Learn and apply use of cognitive interweaves to shift blockages in processing.

Learn techniques for working with blocked processing and resistant thought patterns.

Learn to use EMDR with adults, adolescents and children including traumatized individuals.

Develop treatment plans for specific targets such as maladaptive patterns & beliefs.

Unlike other EMDR trainings, participant will experience advanced techniques for client assessment and preparation with complex cases.

This training format of 4 two day trainings over period of 4 months , enhances participants abilities to retain information. This training has been developed based on the best practices for promoting adult learning: with lectures, videos, demonstrations and 20 hours of practicum. Practice as ‘clinician’ to experience clinical skills & as ‘client’ to experience EMDR firsthand. This allows participants to personally embody the impact of this powerful therapy. This is one of the few training's offered that has the 10 mandatory consultation hours built into the training making it more cost & time effective while providing applied learning support.

Jennifer Jones, MS, LPC, CSAT, CCP, EMDR Trainer

Jennifer Jones is a licensed psychotherapist, certified EMDR therapist, EMDR consultant, EMDR HAP facilitator and EMDRIA approved trainer. Jennifer is cross trained in holistic treatment and incorporates mindfulness, meditation, breath work & spirituality for a high level of well-rounded individual attunement. She specializes in children with RAD, ADHD, PTSD, sensory issues, behavior problems, adoption & attachment as well as complex trauma. Other specialties include: treatment of sex addiction including pornography & video game addiction, other process addictions such as spending, shopping, exercise, food, love & relationships & fetishes. She is the only EMDR trainer cross trained as a CSAT. Additional expertise is on men’s issues, spirituality conflicts, and LGBTQ focus. Jennifer has been utilizing EMDR since 2002. Her extensive experience began with in-home therapy of children involved in CPS and foster care due to abuse and neglect. This involved all forms of abuse, including emotional, physical and sexual as well as working with the parents to improve attachment and healing. Current work is providing trauma healing intensives and global humanitarian work as a trauma specialist with Be the Change Global Wellness nonprofit. EMDRIA awarded Jennifer the 2016 EMDR Advocacy Award for her significant contribution of commitment & dedication to EMDR.

This workshop is held at a facility that is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need special accommodations or other questions contact:Jennifer Jones at:



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