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Affiliated Wellness Group Clinic Information
Outpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

524 Milwaukee Street #308, Delafield , WI 53018

4650 North Port Washington Road, (Barnabus Building Lexington Entrance) Glendale WI 53212



We Provide A team of professionals to coordinate care and provide mind and body spirit wellness. This sets Affiliated Wellness apart so that we are able to address your complete wellness needs. Services include:Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Groups and Individual Therapy, Eating Disorder Treatment and Smoking Cessation, EMDR, Sensory Integration, Trauma and Abuse Counseling, Sexuality issues, Gambling problems, Sexual Addiction treatment, Adult, Child and Adolescent and family counseling.

Other services available at this location are: Yoga, Massage Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Esogetic Colorpuncture and Past Life Regression, Meditative Sound Therapy and Nutritional Consults. These services are offered as ancillary services provided by certified individuals on a fee for service basis

What is EMDR?

E.M.D.R.'s basic assumption is that some of our negative emotions such as fears, anxiety, depression, etc., are mere experiences that were not processed completely and are locked in our nervous system and stored in memory networks as trauma. The objective of E.M.D.R. is to complete the information processing, thereby helping the person to achieve healthier and balanced responses.

Substance Abuse Services:

Our substance abuse services include a thorough assessment with an individualized treatment plan. Group, individual and family counseling are available. Our therapists are experienced in assessing and treating co-existing disorders. Our programs also address issues needed to complete a drivers safety plan or an impaired professional program. SAP services are also available by a certified substance abuse professional.

Process addictions are also treated at AWG. We have therapists that specialize in eating disorders,sexual addictions and gambling addiction. Group therapy available for Substance Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Co-Addiction and Codependency.




MARKETING DIRECTOR:Pamela Schmidt-Peckham

MEDICAL DIRECTOR:Dr. Andrew Schroettner,MD, SC Certified